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Friday, December 16th, 2011

Things getting interesting in LA

So first the Los Angeles Lakers announce they want both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard.

Then it appears the Lakers land Paul in a trade that the NBA quickly nixes.

In the meantime, Lamar Odom (who was supposed to be involved in the Paul trade) gets so mad, the Lakers end up dealing him to the Dallas Mavericks.

Denied in their quest for Paul, the Lakers turn their focus to Howard, who is being recruited by the New Jersey Nets.

Then the Los Angeles Clippers end up landing Paul, only to be denied by the NBA.

Soon, the Clippers do land Paul sending the Lakers into a dizzy, desiring Howard even more.

However, the Orlando Magic all of sudden say Howard is off the trade block and they intend to keep him.

So within a week, the Lakers do not get either Paul or Howard, lose Odom and see the Clippers land Paul and grab all the media attention in Tinsel Town.

You can bet that the Lakers will not take this sitting down. One way or another the Lakers will make a splash this season. They will either end up prying Howard away from the Magic or make a block-buster deal for someone else.

Yes things are definitely getting interesting in Los Angeles.

By Dave Vilhauer

Category: Dave Vilhauer
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