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Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Pro Bowl stays for now

The NFL Pro Bowl will remain for the time being and remain in Hawaii next season on Jan. 27, the week before the Super Bowl.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had considered the idea of doing away with the annual event after a less than competitive game in last season’s 59-41 AFC win. After discussions between the players’ union and the league, it was announced that the game would stay.
Held in Hawaii 1980-2009.
Moved to week before Super Bowl.
Held in Miami 2010.
Held in Hawaii 2011-2012.
The players have promised that the game will be more competitive.
In another consideration the TV ratings of 12.5 million viewers made the Pro Bowl the most watched of the all-star games for the 2011 season.
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March 18, 2014

Glad to see Cornerstone on there. Go Michigan! Got me thinking about a District meregr celebration we did here in Detroit this weekend. Prayed for all the churches in our metro area as their pictures came up on the screen. Then I realized we were praying for pictures of a lot of brick and mortar, and maybe were missing the point that the church is not a building. Hoping that multiple campuses and big percentage church growth is seen as a sign of a people on fire for God and not just more buildings with a cross and flame on them. By the looks of the stories of these top 25 growing churches, I think they are living out that reality that a faith community doing radical discipleship will be engaging to more and more people. C