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Monday, October 29th, 2012

Tim Miles gives shout out to South Dakota, Northern State

Nebraska men’s basketball coach Tim Miles, a Doland native and former Northern State assistant, was a hit at the recent Big Ten media day in Chicago.
Miles received several laughs from the various media members in attendance. He even took a picture of the media with his camera phone from the podium and put it on his twitter account.
Miles also mentioned his home state and NSU, where he got his start in the coaching profession. Miles began his coaching career in 1989 as an assistant at Northern State, where he served from 1989-95. He was asked what was his view of the Big Ten before he got into the conference. Miles replied: “It’s a great league. My view watching Big Ten when I was a little boy, when you grow up in South Dakota and get two channels, you pay attention to what happens on the one that carries basketball so the Big Ten was always one of those leagues we would see Tom Davis and his press for Iowa, the Golden Gophers from Minnesota.”
He was then asked what are the challenges of coaching at an athletic program that is dominated by football and trying to make basketball something that people get excited about. Miles answered: “When I started coaching at Northern State in Aberdeen, South Dakota I was the assistant and I got $3,000 a year, and the next year I was the assistant at $2,500. All the same I was excited and I remember doing an interview and my mom asked me ‘Tim, what did you want to coach for?’ And I said ‘I want to turn Notre Dame into a real basketball school.’ I thought I would like a real challenge, so I took the Nebraska job. It’s a school with remarkable fan support, administrative support, and at the end of the day when you look at things, I don’t care peel back the onion. Volleyball is great, wrestling is in the top 10, track and field is good, women’s gymnastics won the Big Ten last year. You don’t have to go far to see our athletic department through-and-through is outstanding. Women’s basketball has been terrific. We need to get men’s basketball up and running where it should be. It’s been since 1988 since we made the NCAA.”

By Ryan Deal

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