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November 30th, 2011

NBA trade talk better late than never

It is about five months later than usual, but the NBA free agency period is about to commence. Because of the recent lockout, all the things that normally take place in the summer have yet to get started.

That will make for an interesting December to say the least.

Could Dwight Howard be on his way out of Orlando? The latest rumor has the Nets being a player, but the smart money is still on the Lakers.

And where will Chris Paul end up? The Celtics are interested, but the Hornets are not enamored with Rajon Rondo. Again, the common logic has CP3 ending up in the Big Apple to join the Knicks.

It is hard to say just what will happen. The good thing is, though, that even if very little happens, it still beats talking about the lockout and all the problems of the NBA. Not only that, but opening day is fast approaching.

By Dave Vilhauer

November 11th, 2011

Basketball game on a ship

North Carolina takes on Michigan State on board an aircraft carrier Friday night. It is known as the Carrier Classic.

What a brilliant move to help honor the many men and women who serve our country in the military on Veterans Day.

The makeshift basketball court will house about 7,000 spectators, most of them from the Armed Forces.

The ship is so large that it would actually be able to fit 41 regulation basketball courts on it.

The players will have to adjust to a court with no roof to it which should makes things very interesting.

A co-worker predicted a very high scoring game. I think it may be just the opposite and bring new meaning to the term: the guy couldn’t throw one into the ocean.

By Dave Vilhauer

November 9th, 2011

Aberdeen man joins SDHSAA

Former Aberdeen resident John Krogstrand has been selected to replace Bob Lowery as Assistant Executive Director for the South Dakota High School Activities Association. Lowery will retire after 18 years with SDHSAA effective at the end of June 2012.
Krogstrand graduated from Aberdeen Central in 2002 and obtained a degree in Sport Administration from Wichita State in 2006. He will complete a masters degree in Health, Physical Education and Coaching from Northern State in the spring of 2012. He also has a Certified Athletic Administrator certification in Sports Administration from the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association.
Krogstrand has served in various capacities through the years, most recently as Activities Coordinator and Athletic Director for Columbus Public Schools in Columbus, Neb. He is a former head softball coach and Sports Information Director at Presentation College and served as general manager and coach of the Aberdeen Hardball Association.
He starts with the SDHSAA July 1.
He is the second Aberdeen native to join the executive staff of the SDHSAA in the past year. James Weaver is in his first year as an assistant executive director after replacing Ken Pickering.

By Dave Vilhauer

November 8th, 2011

Interesting attire for press conference

The NBA season has been delayed because of a lockout and things are heating up.

On one side are the owners, who are saying the players have received too good of a deal in the past. One of the most vocal owners during the meetings has been legendary player Michael Jordan.

On the opposite side are the players, who feel they are being taken advantage of.

Last week during one of the press conferences featuring the players, there was an odd sight indeed. One of the players was wearing an Air Jordan t-shirt, yes, the same brand made famous by one of the owners the players are fighting against.

Many players undoubtedly have plenty of Jordan brand apparel, but the timing of wearing those items at the present moment seems a bit strange to say the least.

By Dave Vilhauer

November 3rd, 2011

Twins have new play-by-play man

The Minnesota Twins have announced a new play-by-play man for their radio broadcasts. The new announcer is Cory Provus, who has worked the past three seasons for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Provus has had a chance to work alongside Hall of Famer Bob Uecker while with the Brewers.

Provus replaces John Gordon the well-known voice of the Twins and will work with Dan Gladden, who returns as the color analyst.

Gordon replaced legendary Twins announcer Herb Carneal.

Posted by Dave Vilhauer